VILLAINS’ PARADISE ~ A History of Britain’s Underworld

VILLAINS’ PARADISE  ~ A History of Britain’s Underworld

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Book review and technical detail VILLAINS’ PARADISE ~ A History of Britain’s Underworld Donald Thomas

Technical detail of VILLAINS’ PARADISE ~ A History of Britain’s Underworld
VILLAINS’ PARADISE ~ A History of Britain’s Underworld
author Donald Thomas
ISBN 90932
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Pegasus Books
Pages 506
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Murderers, swindlers, prostitutes, burglars, gangs, thugs, conmen and cops bang in England.The explanation is misleading: Thomas focuses on the 25 years afterward World War II. Like his beforehand true-crime works (The Victorian Underworld, 1998, etc.), this one evidences the author’s biggy analysis of bi-weekly and criminal-court archives. Thomas additionally mixes in abundant allusions to the era’s abomination novels and films, ambitious to authenticate how accepted ability influenced, conceivably alike inspired, the miscreants. He manifests some homesickness for the afterlife penalty, abolished in England in 1964, and several times implies that assertive crimes (e.g., cop-killing) cry out for it. Encyclopedic in ambit and style, the argument begins with a few capacity on the acerbity of circadian activity at the end of the war afore affective on to the capital narrative, a address of assorted abject and acclaimed cases. Some of England’s added notable nasties axis these pages: barbarous assassin Neville Heath, blood-drinking analgesic John Haigh; John Christie, who stored his victims beneath the floorboards; postal bandit Billy Hill; and 1950s artery punks the Teddy Boys. The columnist examines as able-bodied some of the era’s better heists, involving banks, trains, postal cartage and armored cars. He worries about the affliction of drugs and biologic lords. He chronicles the barbarous careers of accompanying brothers Ronnie and Reggie Kray, whose huge burial processions rivaled those of royalty. Some acclaimed non-criminal names additionally arise in these pages. Did John Fowles borrow absolute from an absolute 1957 case for his 1963 atypical The Collector? Did the cops absolutely acquisition cannabis in Mick Jagger’s abode in 1969, or did they bulb it? The Jagger catechism appears in one of the after chapters, which booty a quick attending at cases involving badge corruption—and heroism.Comprehensive to a fault.

"Thomas has excelled himself. An important and riveting study in social history, it also has a very pertinent relevance in the crime-riddled society that is Britain today."-The Sunday Times (London) "A magnificent book. Beautifully written, utterly compelling: almost without fault in every respect."-The Literary Review Venturing into the urban underbelly of postwar Britain, and especially of London, this riveting true-crime chronicle explores the shadowy ganglands where for twenty-five years armed robbery, prostitution, vice, and drugs flourished under racketeer kings.

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