TRUE FANS ~ A Basketball Odyssey

TRUE FANS  ~ A Basketball Odyssey

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Book review and technical detail TRUE FANS ~ A Basketball Odyssey Dan Austin

Technical detail of TRUE FANS ~ A Basketball Odyssey
TRUE FANS ~ A Basketball Odyssey
author Dan Austin
ISBN 92587
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Lyons Press
Pages 232
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Three accompany bike beyond America to accord on the NBA Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass., a basketball inscribed by accustomed heroes.Based on Austin’s documentary of the aforementioned name, which won the People’s Choice Award at the Banff Film Festival, the book begins with a account of the three pilgrims. Austin and his best friend, Clint, were captivated by basketball; Austin’s adolescent brother Jared was added absorbed in biking, but accommodating to go forth on their crusade to the “jock shrine” at the added end of the abstemious from their starting point in Venice Beach, Calif. Their adventure took them to a cardinal of abnormal basketball venues, from a bandage nailed to a barn to a alone cloister lit up at night. In one abnormally admirable scene, set in a cloister nestled alongside a cornfield, addition takes a continued jump attempt from abysmal in the stalks; the ballista rises like a apparition from the corn, “and that ol’ brawl sailed through the heartland sky, accomplished all the constellations and galaxies.” The adventure pivots about basketball, but is about about the adventure and about the affection of strangers. No unsung cloister wizards active the basketball agitated by Austin, Jared and Clint. The signers were heroes of a altered stripe: generous-hearted bodies who offered the cartel pilgrims a abode to sleep, a bath, some food, about to do the laundry. Bodies tend to boss his attention, but he’s additionally accomplished at communicable the atmosphere of a landscape. A candied little allotment of simple, optimistic entertainment. (8-page b&w photo insert, not seen)

"The road holds all the answers."Based on the nationally touring film of the same name, Dan Austin's hilarious and thoughtful True Fans details the journey Dan, his brother Jared, and best friend Clint Ewell started when they hopped aboard their bicycles and headed east from the pickup court at Venice Beach, handlebars pointed toward the NBA Hall of Fame. It was a basketball pilgrimage, shooting hoops on sandlots across the country, looking for enlightenment under a net. In their bicycle trailer, which they called "The Ark of the Covenant," they carried a few gallons of peanut butter and an unused basketball, on which they collected the signatures of those who helped them on their journey, from the Reverend Kevin Smith, who let them sleep behind his church, to Dick Simmons, a coal miner who offered them five dollars he could scarcely afford to part with. They would bring this ball to the Hall of Fame, and ask that it be included in the permanent collection.What would America do, the book also asks, if three guys on bikes with a basketball in towshowed up and begged for a handout? Not everyone was friendly- the strange "owner" ofAmboy, Nevada, makes for a fairly spooky villain- but most of the country, they found, woulddo just about anything for them. Doors were opened from California to Springfield, Massachusetts, hamburgers comped, hot tubs proffered. Austin and his crew knocked, and forone hundred days, America answered. The result was a classic odyssey.

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