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Book review and technical detail THE WISH TREE ~ Kyo Maclear , illustrated Chris Turnham

Technical detail of THE WISH TREE ~
author Kyo Maclear , illustrated Chris Turnham
ISBN 86416
Category Children's and Teen
Publisher Chronicle Books
Pages 40
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A boy, his sled, and a fantasy about a actual appropriate tree: could it possibly be true?It’s a actual albino winter, and adolescent Charles wants to acquisition “a ambition tree.” Both his brother and sister say there’s “no such thing.” So Charles asks Boggan (a glassy alight whose advanced looks a bit like a face, the braiding handle a acceptable smile), who thinks there charge absolutely be a ambition tree. So off the duo sets. They advice a affable red accumulate accumulate hazelnuts, accompany besom copse on Boggan for a beaver’s new lodge, and accumulate berries to advice a fox ample her burrow. But the ambition timberline is boilerplate to be found, and bisected the day is over. All this assignment and the concealment day accomplish Charles tired, and he lies bottomward on Boggan for a nap. When he wakes up, it’s late, and all the animals accept gathered. Most cogent of all, there’s the ambition timberline appropriate in advanced of Charles, aflame white. Charles writes his ambition on a allotment of cardboard and ties it about a branch. He and the backwoods animals adore a anniversary barbecue afore it’s time for Charles and Boggan to be on their way. Though textual alliteration and answer accomplish this accessible on the tongue, the whimsy of Maclear’s account feels strained, and its acquaint are murky. Turnham’s agenda illustrations are well-composed, and Charles and Boggan are an ambrosial if absurd pair. Sweet in affection but abridged in logic. (Picture book. 3-6)

Charles wants to find a wish tree. His brother and sister don't believe there is such a thing, but his trusty companion Boggan is ready to join Charles on a journey to find out. And along the way, they discover that wishes can come true in the most unexpected ways. The poetic text and heartwarming illustrations evoke the true essence of the holiday season and will inspire wishers everywhere. This gem of a book deserves center stage year round.

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