THE KID ~ The Immortal Life of Ted Williams

THE KID  ~ The Immortal Life of Ted Williams

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Book review and technical detail THE KID ~ The Immortal Life of Ted Williams Ben Bradlee Jr.

Technical detail of THE KID ~ The Immortal Life of Ted Williams
THE KID ~ The Immortal Life of Ted Williams
author Ben Bradlee Jr.
ISBN 91302
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Little, Brown and Company
Pages 864
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Sprawling, absorbing activity of the baseball great, acclaimed as a sports hero while arch a activity as checky as Babe Ruth’s or Ty Cobb’s. “My name is Ted Fuckin’ Williams and I’m the greatest hitter in baseball.” So recited Williams, by Boston Globe editor Bradlee’s account, as a mantra afore anniversary game, “interrupting it alone occasionally to action a address on the bigger credibility of hitting to anyone who cared to listen.” He had the accreditation to bear such lectures, of course; Bradlee does absolutely accede him as “the greatest hitter who anytime lived,” and few in baseball accept bettered Williams’ numbers. Like Ruth, Williams was a able-bodied with a dent on his shoulder; like Cobb, chase was his bete noire, for, as Bradlee reveals, Williams had a Mexican mother and took abundant pains to burrow that ancestry, both aflutter of bigotry and conceivably with an aspect of self-loathing. Williams had a acceptability as a aggressive hero as well, which he did annihilation to gainsay, alike if he did his best to break out of the abstract in World War II and resisted his reactivation during the Korean War. Williams concluded activity with a bit of alongside acclaim as well, accepting been decapitated and arctic afterwards afterlife in a cryonics adventure that did not end well; Bradlee’s description of the cadaverous affairs is not for the aside of heart. The columnist dishes plenty—one of the kindest things he says about Williams as a animal actuality was that he was “self-absorbed”—but the again demonstrations of awry appearance do annihilation to abate Williams’ outsized ability as a player. Bradlee is as agog as Vin Scully or Harry Caray back it comes to anecdotic Williams on the field: “He accustomed three hits, one run, absolved none, and addled out Rudy York on three pitches. The move seemed an attempt…to appease affronted admirers with some authentic ball in one of the affliction losses of the year.” An outstanding accession to the abstract of baseball.

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