THAT'S NOT FAIR! ~ Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms

THAT'S NOT FAIR!  ~ Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms

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Book review and technical detail THAT'S NOT FAIR! ~ Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms Danielle S. McLaughlin , illustrated Dharmali Patel

Technical detail of THAT'S NOT FAIR! ~ Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms
THAT'S NOT FAIR! ~ Getting to Know Your Rights and Freedoms
author Danielle S. McLaughlin , illustrated Dharmali Patel
ISBN 87785
Category Children's and Teen
Publisher Kids Can Press
Pages 44
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Based on the Canadian activated video alternation of the aforementioned name, this accumulating of six belief about a assorted autonomous burghal and its administering anatomy frames some of the actual important conversations that adults charge to accept with accouchement about rights and freedoms and accepting difference. Anniversary adventure begins with a botheration adverse the councilors or the citizens, which is again followed by a vote on some law—but the absolute assignment comes back the beheading of the laws brings adventitious and “unfair” consequences. Mayor Moe observes the squabbling, bedraggled burghal board and decides to appoint a uniform, for instance. This excludes Councillors Twist and Cuddly, who are appropriate by their religions to abrasion arch coverings, so the burghal board re-examines its law. Councillor Bug generally break the fourth bank to point out back a law or aftereffect of a law is unfair. It’s a kid-friendly device, as is the book’s congenital alternate element. Anniversary adventure ends with an continued discussion, followed by questions. These questions (What was the purpose of the law? Was it achieved? Were there any problems that arose from it?) will alert conversations and ensure accuracy on the letters accustomed from anniversary tale. Further accretion comes in a authoritativeness agenda at the end. Patel’s absurd illustrations, additionally based on the activated series, are consistently entertaining; the active and absorbing creatures action a bubble of fur colors and anatomy types and a ample ambit of expressions. A solid civics and civil-liberties primer. (Nonfiction. 7-12)

This unique addition to the CitizenKid collection, written by by Danielle S. McLaughlin, provides an accessible exploration of the rights and freedoms of citizens in a democracy through a series of six short stories starring Mayor Moe and the councillors of a sometimes wacky city. In each story, the councillors are first presented with a problem, and the group then makes a decision to address the problem with a new law, only to discover later there were unintended consequences. There is one councillor, Bug, who objects to each decision being proposed by commenting, ?That's not fair!? --- a sentiment familiar to children, who have an innate sense of justice. The topics are child-friendly: Should you be allowed to search someone's bag because you think they have something of yours? Does it make sense to have a law that states people can say only nice things? Conclusions for each story include an extended discussion of the rights and freedoms featured in the story, along with three questions to ponder: Why did the councillors make their decision? Did the new law achieve its purpose? Were there any unexpected results? There are no right answers given. Instead children are encouraged to look at all sides of each issue, which engages their critical thinking skills and fosters empathy for other points of view. This book would be perfect for sparking spirited discussions on civics lessons and inspiring children to become involved citizens. The bright and humorous illustrations by Dharmali Patel keep the interest level high. A Note for Parents and Teachers and definitions of the rights and freedoms covered in each story are included at the end of the book.

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