TEN POINTS  ~ A Memoir

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Book review and technical detail TEN POINTS ~ A Memoir Bill Strickland

Technical detail of TEN POINTS ~ A Memoir
author Bill Strickland
ISBN 92373
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Hyperion
Pages 256
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A affiance to his babe impels the columnist to revisit his alarming childhood.It seems accustomed for cycling biographer Strickland to use his bike as the emblematic base for a book about disturbing to affected memories of corruption by his ancestor while aggravating to become the absolute bedmate and ancestor himself, alike if the affiliation isn’t consistently as bland as the gear-shifting on his $5,000 carbon bicycle. The anecdotal centers on his adventure to access ten credibility in the Thursday Night Crit, a account 30-mile chase that offered able and top-flight abecedarian riders the befalling to acquire credibility during alternate dart laps. After classifying the assignment as “impossible” to his preschool daughter, he set out to prove to her that annihilation is absurd if you absolutely accept in it. Strickland’s chase training sessions and around-the-clock near-misses in the Crit serve as windows through which to appraise his accord with an calumniating ancestor and the connected abhorrence that he ability become the same. The columnist durably describes gut-wrenching moments like the time his ancestor affected him to eat carrion at gunpoint. Transitions amid these memories and the awful dramatized bike contest (whose nuances may be absent on readers alien with cycling) are occasionally jarring, but the columnist manages to actualize acceptable astriction alike for those who don’t apperceive Lance Armstrong from Lance Bass.Uncomfortable, but ultimately satisfying.

Of the eight million dedicated cyclists in this country, just 32,044 own amateur racing licenses. There's a reason for that: Racing is not only incredibly difficult, it's downright excruciating, with the possibility for public humiliation never more than one pedal away. So when Natalie, Bill Strickland's preschool-aged daughter, asked him if he could win ten points during one racing season -- the bicycling equivalent of taking an at-bat against Randy Johnson or going one-on-one with Lebron James -- a sensible man wouldve just said no and moved on. Instead, Strickland decided to try.In the process, he discovered that he was racing toward the loving home life he cherished and, at the same time, trying to get away from something far worse -- his legacy of horrific childhood abuse. Strickland's memoir is filled with lyrical insights on training and dedication, racing scenes packed with nail-biting suspense, and powerful reflections on the meaning of family. Because for Strickland, it's definitely not about the bike.

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