SURVIVORS OF SLAVERY ~ Modern-Day Slave Narratives

SURVIVORS OF SLAVERY  ~ Modern-Day Slave Narratives

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Book review and technical detail SURVIVORS OF SLAVERY ~ Modern-Day Slave Narratives Laura T. Murphy

Technical detail of SURVIVORS OF SLAVERY ~ Modern-Day Slave Narratives
SURVIVORS OF SLAVERY ~ Modern-Day Slave Narratives
author Laura T. Murphy
ISBN 89039
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Columbia University Press
Pages 344
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

First-person testimonies that delving the connected air-conditioned practices of affected activity worldwide. Mindful of the use of the word slavery as advertence to the character of African victims of the trans-Atlantic bondservant trade, Murphy (English/Loyola Univ. New Orleans; Metaphor and the Bondservant Barter in West African Literature, 2012) nonetheless insists that bullwork by any added name charcoal intractably a abomination adjoin humanity. This includes affected labor, article slavery, debt bondage, affected sex work, adolescent labor, aggressive acceptance and affected fosterage. With as little alteration or “packaging” as possible, the columnist represents anniversary class by abundant narratives as accurate by NGOs, analytic journalists or government transcripts. The narratives action the raw capacity by absolute people, best of whom accept now been freed from oppression; abounding now assignment for activist organizations like Free the Slaves (as does the author), the names of which arise in an appendix. For example, Helia Lajeunesse, a built-in of Haiti, was orphaned actual adolescent and taken in by a acquaintance who abusively affected her to do all the bed-making after ancestry or pay, a aeon again in consecutive households; Lajeunesse’s disability to leave underscores the arrant attributes of a “false familial structure.” The columnist includes abounding narratives of adolescent women from Eastern Europe or East Asia affected into the sex barter as adolescent as their aboriginal teens: Lured by the affiance of accepted work, they were raped and beaten, bedfast and affected into backbreaking assignment schedules that led to affection and death. Ultimately, they were “disposable,” advised as “flesh” by abandoned and arrant men who anticipation alone of their budgetary value. Like 19th-century bondservant narratives, abounding of these accounts acknowledge moments of blackout or angle due to the aching memories evoked. An “open condemnation” of avant-garde bullwork that builds effectively by testimony.

Slavery is not a crime confined to the far reaches of history. It is an injustice that continues to entrap twenty-seven million people across the globe. Laura Murphy offers close to forty survivor narratives from Cambodia, Ghana, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, and the United States, detailing the horrors of a system that forces people to work without pay and against their will, under the threat of violence, with little or no means of escape. Representing a variety of circumstances in diverse contexts, these survivors are the Frederick Douglasses, Sojourner Truths, and Olaudah Equianos of our time, testifying to the widespread existence of a human rights tragedy and the urgent need to address it.Through storytelling and firsthand testimony, this anthology shapes a twenty-first-century narrative that many believe died with the end of slavery in the Americas. Organized around such issues as the need for work, the punishment of defiance, and the move toward activism, the collection isolates the causes, mechanisms, and responses to slavery that allow the phenomenon to endure. Enhancing scholarship in women's studies, sociology, criminology, law, social work, and literary studies, the text establishes a common trajectory of vulnerability, enslavement, captivity, escape, and recovery, creating an invaluable resource for activists, scholars, legislators, and service providers.

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