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Book review and technical detail SLEEPY SOLAR SYSTEM ~ John Hutton , illustrated Doug Cenko

Technical detail of SLEEPY SOLAR SYSTEM ~
author John Hutton , illustrated Doug Cenko
ISBN 86729
Category Children's and Teen
Publisher blue manatee press
Pages 32
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A asleep sun says goodnight to nine planets and added solar arrangement inhabitants.From Mercury to Pluto, planets dutifully, and mostly cheerfully, adapt for bed. Sister Venus advisers her nightgown; Mother Earth, with beard in rollers, wears pajamas. Grumpy Mars takes a shower; Jupiter scrubs his spot, etc., on to “Teeny Pluto (not to miss)," who wants "one added hug and kiss." In backmatter, Pluto is accurately articular as a dwarf planet, but added dwarf planets aren't mentioned. Asteroids arise amid Uranus and Neptune in the story; the asteroid belt, usually apparent amid Mars and Jupiter is missing in the backmatter map. An added science half-truth is the affirmation that Venus can be apparent in the sky at night; like the added Copernican planets, Venus may be apparent in the evening, night, or aboriginal morning depending on the time of year. Couplets, mostly in rhyme, accomplish up the text, but readers-aloud may acquisition the accent bumpy. Sometimes there are four beats to a line; sometimes three. Set on a atramentous background, Cenko's appealing, digitally created images assume absolute for animation. The apple of anniversary planet becomes its face; two accoutrements and a nightcap complete the image. (Before his shower, Mars has a baseball cap and a dog.) Stronger in abstracted cuteness than in ample facts. Better bedtime books abound. (Picture book. 1-4)

“It’s been a long, busy day in the starry Milky Way. Sleepy, setting Sun calls out, ‘Bedtime, everyone...’" Rhyming text and whimsical illustrations provide an enchanting read-aloud and a celebration of the wonders of outer space, including a map and facts at the end. Sleepy Solar System is certain to send the imagination soaring!

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