SHUT UP, HE EXPLAINED ~ The Memoir of a Blacklisted Kid

SHUT UP, HE EXPLAINED  ~ The Memoir of a Blacklisted Kid

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Book review and technical detail SHUT UP, HE EXPLAINED ~ The Memoir of a Blacklisted Kid Kate Lardner

Technical detail of SHUT UP, HE EXPLAINED ~ The Memoir of a Blacklisted Kid
SHUT UP, HE EXPLAINED ~ The Memoir of a Blacklisted Kid
author Kate Lardner
ISBN 92739
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Ballantine Books
Pages 288
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

The adventure of the author’s activity as stepdaughter to the blacklisted awning and television biographer Ring Lardner Jr., with a subcurrent of blurred but afraid unhappiness.A aerial anecdotal articulation gives this memoir’s aboriginal third a hazy, banausic tone. “What I bethink best about Coldwater Canyon is an old board aboideau falling on my head,” Lardner writes. “I don't apperceive how this happened.” As a apparatus for the scattershot memories of youth, this dreaminess is effective. The dreams booty on added bend and anguish afterwards Ring Jr.—referred to throughout as her ancestor by the author, who was three back he affiliated his brother David’s widow—is bedevilled of antipathy of Congress for replying, back asked if he is a affiliate of the antipathetic party, “I could answer, but I’d abhorrence myself in the morning.” The average section, comprised abundantly of letters, clippings, and addenda from Ring Jr., covers his bastille years. It highlights the mundanity of accepting by during his year in Danbury Prison, back his faculty that communism continued above bread-and-butter adequation into cultural and political spheres alone sharpened, and the adventure back her mother begin assignment on TV or radio. (Frances Chaney was additionally a antipathetic and suffered from the blacklist.) Finally appear the after-effects for the columnist of those aboriginal years: her mother's break (“Acting was my academy power, baby. That's the alone abode that I knew about God”), her father's bubbler (a five-page letter to him from Dalton Trumbo spells it out in spades), both parents’ adamant accusation of Kate about her weight (father alleged her “Potato Dumpling,” while mother adopted “Miss Turnip”), and the accepted ancestors reticence. Little admiration Lardner angry to drugs, which conceivably induced the billow that allotment in the memoir’s third section, chronicling what should accept been the acceptable times: college, marriage(s), children. Happily, analysis formed for her, and she can breakable a apple-pie and candied account of her father’s death. One blue baby, with every appropriate to be so. (Photos)

With a wicked sense of humor and a born writer’s perfect timing, Kate Lardner conjures up the Hollywood of the McCarthy era. In a kaleidoscopic and irresistible memoir, Lardner brings to life her jumbled childhood in a household of artistically talented, larger-than-life grown-ups. When Kate was not yet two, her father, David, was killed while on assignment for The New Yorker in war-torn Germany. Two years later her mother, the actress Frances Chaney, married David’s brother—a marriage that endured for more than fifty years. Ring was already a successful screenwriter, having won an Oscar for cowriting the Katharine Hepburn-Spencer Tracy hit Woman of the Year; in 1971 he collected another one for M*A*S*H.Shortly thereafter, Ring was called to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Asked about his membership in Hollywood’s Communist Party, Lardner said: “I could answer. . . . but if I did, I would hate myself in the morning.” This much-publicized declaration of silence sent Lardner to prison. Subsequently neither he nor Frances could get work, which marked the beginning of Kate’s blacklist childhood—and took the family from Mexico City to rural Connecticut to Manhattan.Kate Lardner presents a vivid, behind-the-scenes look at the personal and family costs of weathering this ruthless and absurd period in history. She writes: “I wanted to tell my story of the events I had inherited. A therapist once told me she had the dirty job of ushering me into the real world. And now that I am more or less there, I have decided the time has come.”

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