SECTION 60 ~ Arlington National Cemetery: Where War Comes Home

SECTION 60  ~ Arlington National Cemetery: Where War Comes Home

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Book review and technical detail SECTION 60 ~ Arlington National Cemetery: Where War Comes Home Robert M. Poole

Technical detail of SECTION 60 ~ Arlington National Cemetery: Where War Comes Home
SECTION 60 ~ Arlington National Cemetery: Where War Comes Home
author Robert M. Poole
ISBN 88902
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Bloomsbury USA
Pages 256
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

An atonement analysis of Arlington National Cemetery’s subdivision for aggressive cadre dead in the all-around war on terror. Former National Geographic executive editor Poole (On Anointed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery, 2009) explores Section 60, in the southeast bend of the much-respected burying ground, which is now home to added than 900 asleep American soldiers. From this best alive breadth of Arlington National, he letters the arresting and able belief of ancestors associates and assembly in afflicted prose. They accommodate Army Capt. Russell Rippetoe, who was the aboriginal accident to be memorialized from Operation Iraqi Freedom; an always beholden affection displace almsman who religiously visits the grave of her benefactor; a ancestors beggared of a admired one’s final examination due to adverse injuries from IEDs; and an comfortless mother afflicted her admired son. Poole contrasts the apparent annoyance and affliction of parents burying a adolescent who asleep from fratricide or those captured or missing in activity with the black brightness of an Arlington funeral, acquainted that not all of Section 60’s amplitude belongs to those collapsed in Iraq and Afghanistan, with over bisected of the allotted amplitude acceptance to veterans who fought in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. As these earlier graves accompany with those of added active soldiers, the columnist admits that “they accept afflicted the attending and feel of the cemetery,” with one company badly comparing the breadth to a abreast anniversary abundant “like the Vietnam Wall was for their generation.” Poole salutes these sobering profiles nobly, with pages of photographs, interviews and claimed reflections bringing the animal assessment of war into active and affecting focus. The author, who admits to “wandering amid the tombstones in Section 60 for several years,” imparts a abundant accord of ardent affect and account to his accolade of this anointed ground, observing, “this postage brand of apple represents article abundant larger.” A momentous and affective aftereffect to On Anointed Ground.

Gifted writer and reporter Robert Poole opens Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery with preparations for Memorial Day when thousands of families come to visit those buried in the 624-acre cemetery, legions of Rolling Thunder motorcyclists patrol the streets with fluttering POW flags, and service members place miniature flags before each of Arlington's graves. Section 60, where many of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan have been laid to rest alongside service members from earlier wars, is a fourteen-acre plot that looms far larger in the minds and hearts of Americans. It represents a living, breathing community of fellow members of the military, family members, friends, and loved ones of those who have fallen to the new weapons of war: improvised explosive devices, suicide bombs, and enemies who blend in with local populations. Several of the newest recruits for Section 60 have been brought there by suicide or post-traumatic stress disorder, a war injury newly described but dating to ancient times. Using this section as a window into the latest wars, Poole recounts stories of courage and sacrifice by fallen heroes, and explores the ways in which soldiers' comrades, friends, and families honor and remember those lost to war-carrying on with life in the aftermath of tragedy. Section 60 is a moving tribute to those who have fought and died for our country, and to those who love them.

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