ROCK THE CASBAH ~ Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World

ROCK THE CASBAH  ~ Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World

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Book review and technical detail ROCK THE CASBAH ~ Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World Robin Wright

Technical detail of ROCK THE CASBAH ~ Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World
ROCK THE CASBAH ~ Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World
author Robin Wright
ISBN 89722
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Pages 320
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

In one of the aboriginal of a flood of books that will accordingly chase Osama bin Laden’s afterlife and the Middle East uprisings, Wright (Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East, 2008, etc.) delivers the active account that jihadism is fading, and Arab nations are assuredly entering the avant-garde world. Touring the region, anchorman and academic the columnist interviewed participants and recounts these changes, generally through their eyes. Early capacity epitomize recent, accustomed events—revolutions in Arab states, agitation in Iran, defections from al-Qaeda and accretion efforts aural the Islamic apple to abash violence. Half of the anecdotal consists of magazine-like essays on Islamic culture, alignment from the anticipated (the attempt for women’s right, Islamic television) to the alien (Islamic rap music, Islamic comedians, Islamic abusive theater, accepted TV preachers). An adroit eyewitness and no Pollyanna, Wright delivers a blow in her conclusion—even the acknowledged revolutions accept fabricated affairs worse by antibacterial the alone advancing industry, tourism. Too abounding Middle East nations, oil affluent or not, are bread-and-butter bassinet cases on the akin of sub-Saharan Africa with massive unemployment, boundless poverty, abominable basement and no attitude of capitalism or alike honest leadership. More than $1 abundance from the United States has produced unimpressive after-effects in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there is no adventitious these nations will accept a atom of that. Achieving abandon solves their easiest problem. More journalism than abysmal analysis, the book paints a active account of affecting changes in the Islamic apple that may or may not end well.

An up-close portrait of the ongoing internal struggle by secular and religious moderates to rescue Islam from the small, violent, and virulent minority that threatens it.A decade after the 9/11 attacks, this groundbreaking book by a preeminent reporter takes readers deep into the struggle within the Muslim world where a growing movement defies and challenges extremism and repudiates Osama bin Laden, his deviant doctrine, and his violent disciples. Robin Wright, an acclaimed foreign correspondent and television commentator, has witnessed the angry birth, violent rise, and globalization of Islamic militancy for almost four decades. In her recent reporting, she discovers a stunning new trend spreading within the Muslim world—the rejection of Islamic extremists. This is a historic evolution, slow to take off but now reaching critical mass. This trend is increasingly visible as clerics publicly repudiate Osama bin Laden, Muslim comedians ridicule militancy altogether, young Muslims rap against guns and bombs, women scholars launch liberation movements using the Koran, Pakistani villagers resist Taliban intrusions, and former Egyptian jihadis debate and then denounce violence. This new jihad, which Wright describes in its many manifestations, has various goals. For some Muslims, it’s about reforming the faith. For others, it’s about reforming political systems. For all, it is about achieving basic rights—on their own terms, not Western ones. What is at its heart is the rejection of venomous ideologies, suicide bombs, plane hijackings, hostage-takings, and mass violence. Muslims, Wright demonstrates, are doing what the West cannot—confronting extremism on its own terms and rescuing the faith from a virulent minority and changing history.

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