PRETTY VACANT ~ A History of UK Punk

PRETTY VACANT  ~ A History of UK Punk

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Book review and technical detail PRETTY VACANT ~ A History of UK Punk Phil Strongman

Technical detail of PRETTY VACANT ~ A History of UK Punk
PRETTY VACANT ~ A History of UK Punk
author Phil Strongman
ISBN 92273
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Chicago Review Press
Pages 304
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Music announcer Strongman (Metal Box: Stories from John Lydon’s Public Image Limited, 2007, etc.) recasts the history of British jailbait as the adventure of two bands and a agglomeration of also-rans.Actually, the Clash don’t get that abundant ink either; Strongman spends the majority of his time authoritative the case that the Sex Pistols and their business Svengali Malcolm McLaren were punk’s be-all and end-all, and therein lies the rub. Had the book been subtitled commodity forth the curve of The Sex Pistols and UK Punk, it would accept been far added legit. Granted, John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten), Sid Vicious and the blow of the Pistols kicked it all off in 1976 at London’s allegorical 100 Club…or did they? Maybe it was the Clash who started things addled on the added ancillary of boondocks that actual aforementioned year. Maybe it was the Ramones or Television or the New York Dolls at CBGB in New York City. Or maybe it was…well, according to Strongman, it was all Pistols, all the time. But music historians tend to disagree, which agency his book has a major, insurmountable believability problem. If Strongman had been added inclusive, and if he’d acclimated Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain’s archetypal Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Jailbait as a template, he ability accept had something. As it is, this feels like a 300-plus-page annual article.Sex Pistols admirers will acknowledge this one, but those attractive for a absolute history of the era and its sounds should attending elsewhere.

London, early 1976. Oxford Street is a sea of long hair and flared jeans; prog rock prevails. But Ron Watts, the 100 Club’s “rock night” manager, has witnessed the impromptu and chaotic gigs at High Wycombe College of Art. He invites the Sex Pistols to start a residency in central London, and over the next eighteen months, everything changes.            Unlike many writers, Phil Strongman was actually at the 100 Club punk festival in September 1976 and witnessed punk’s violent and dramatic rise. After tracing its underground roots in New York and Detroit, Strongman shows how the Sex Pistols and the Clash, along with their confreres, took rock ’n’ roll closer to the edge than any band before them. But after the outrage over the Pistols’ legendary outburst on Bill Grundy’s TV show catapulted the band into the center of a press feeding frenzy, it was swiftly eclipsed by the blossoming of a new movement in time for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Punk had traveled from the underground to the mainstream in the space of six months.            Based on new interviews with Malcolm McLaren, Jah Wobble, Glen Matlock, Roadent, and many more, Strongman vividly re-creates the punk eruption and charts its spread across Britain and to the West Coast of the United States. Thirty years after its inception, UK punk has found its definitive account in Pretty Vacant.

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