ONE NORTH STAR ~ A Counting Book

ONE NORTH STAR  ~ A Counting Book

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Book review and technical detail ONE NORTH STAR ~ A Counting Book Phyllis Root , illustrated Beckie Prange , Betsy Bowen

Technical detail of ONE NORTH STAR ~ A Counting Book
ONE NORTH STAR ~ A Counting Book
author Phyllis Root , illustrated Beckie Prange , Betsy Bowen
ISBN 86899
Category Children's and Teen
Publisher Univ Of Minnesota Press
Pages 36
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A accumulative account of flora and fauna in Minnesota—the Arctic Brilliant State. Bowen’s beaming corrective woodcuts, based on designs by Prange, characterize 10 arctic biomes at assorted times of day and year. The association of anniversary are different, from an aperture aeriform glimpse of one moose browsing abreast a bouldered Great Lakes bank followed by two amber bats in a limestone cavern below one aerial rough-legged militarist to angle of 10 teals, nine chichi goldenrods, eight milkweed pods, seven Canada geese, and added architect accepted to a ample tallgrass prairie—all, as the burden goes, “under one arctic star.” After a acicular admonition about one final resident—“You alive here, too,” assuming light-skinned abstracts at a campfire—Root closes with abrupt attributes addendum on the featured plants and animals, additional admonition for award Polaris in the night sky. Despite a blooming format, Root’s not-particularly-rhythmic argument isn’t as sonically adorable as her own Plant a Pocket of Prairie, additionally illustrated by Bowen (2014), or Donna M. Bateman’s Out on the Prairie, illustrated by Susan Swan (2012), but as befits the assorted settings, the agrarian casting is appreciably added diverse. A bright, crawling admission for attributes lovers, Midwestern or otherwise. (Picture book. 5-7)

Five toads hop, four brook trout swim, three elk graze, two loons call, and one beaver gnaws on a paper birch tree, all under one North Star. Through bog and marsh, along river and lake, across prairie and into the woods, children learn what lives where by counting the creatures on foot or in flight, swimming or perching in exquisite woodcut and watercolor illustrations created by Beckie Prange and Betsy Bowen in an artistic collaboration. For those looking for more about the pictured wildlife, Phyllis Root includes fascinating facts and information on the state’s ecosystems and the plants and animals that make their homes there.

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