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Book review and technical detail MR. LEMONCELLO'S LIBRARY OLYMPICS ~ Chris Grabenstein

author Chris Grabenstein
ISBN 88405
Category Children's and Teen
Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers
Pages 288
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Can the hometown champions defeat teams from about the country in a new challenge at Mr. Lemoncello’s absurd library? Responding to millions of requests, the abstracted library-builder organizes a new competition, a “duodecimalthon” of 12 library-related games. The activity in this agreeable aftereffect begins boring with a stage-setting addition of the characters and the absurd library in Alexandria, Ohio, for readers who didn't absorb Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library (2013). But already the contestants accept aggregate and the Olympics-styled amateur begin, puns, puzzles, and book references appear blubbery and fast. Suspense builds: Mr. Lemoncello's dream is in danger, and Kyle Keeley and his eighth-grade teammates accept appalling rivals. This anniversary of libraries, librarians, books, and the appropriate to apprehend doesn't absolutely accept the abandon of the first, conceivably because it is so anxiously complete to accomplish the author's point. But it has characters with all-embracing ability of the Dewey Decimal System and accepted children’s books, and it has Mr. Lemoncello’s abundant costumes, adroit games, and above advanced technology. The artifice twists and turns afore the appropriately acceptable end. Grabenstein affably provides a continued account of acceptable books to apprehend (mentioned in the text) and challenges readers to acquisition the sources of the quotations from banned books anchored in the narrative. Dewey like this? Of course, and so will upper-elementary and average academy readers and gamers alike. (Fiction. 9-14)

The much-anticipated New York Times bestselling puzzle-packed sequel to the award-winning Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library!   Welcome, boys and girls, readers of all ages, to the first-ever Library Olympics! Kyle and his teammates are back, and the world-famous game maker Luigi Lemoncello is at it again!   This time Mr. Lemoncello has invited teams from all across America to compete in the first-ever LIBRARY OLYMPICS. But something suspicious is going on . . . books are missing from Mr. Lemoncello’s library. Is someone trying to censor what the kids are reading?! Now it’s not just a game—can Mr. Lemoncello find the real defenders of books and champions of libraries? In between figuring out mind-boggling challenges, the kids will have to band together to get to the bottom of this mystery.   Packed with puzzles, clues, and thrilling surprises, this is a deliciously fun, action-packed sequel to the New York Times bestselling Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. Let the games begin!

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