HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL ~ Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond

HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL  ~ Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond

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Book review and technical detail HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL ~ Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond Bill “Spaceman” Lee , Richard Lally

Technical detail of HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL ~ Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond
HAVE GLOVE, WILL TRAVEL ~ Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond
author Bill “Spaceman” Lee , Richard Lally
ISBN 92663
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Crown Archetype
Pages 320
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Now in his mid-50s, countercultural and able as ever, the accepted ex-Major League southpaw continues to zip curveballs over the bowl and at the enactment in this aftereffect to The Wrong Stuff (1984).One acumen 20 years accept delayed amid the two books may be that Lee robustly and about enjoys his recreational intoxicants; addition may be that he has kept actual active arena baseball alfresco appearance purviews. Lee has consistently been an outspoken, anarchistic appearance who annoyed managers and advanced offices alike. (Both blackballed him from time to time.) In the mid-1980s, afterwards 13 years in the accent with the Boston Red Sox and the Montreal Expos, he begin himself attractive for rubbers from which to pitch. He begin affluence who were acquisitive to tap his abusive and animated personality, from the chief ambit and the exhibition leagues to colleges and clinics for Mic-Mac Indians in his adopted Canada. Lee is absolute at carrying the authentic joy of arena baseball, and he additionally captures the fun of his run for admiral of the United States as the Rhinoceros Party applicant (he gets Abbie Hoffman’s endorsement, but not Hunter Thompson’s), of acquirements how to alcohol cognac from Bobby Hull, of arena in the 1988 Goodwill Games in the Soviet Union, of hitting a home run while arena for a semi-pro aggregation in Saskatchewan that anon coincided with a blast of lightning and the advancing of rain to annihilate an annihilative drought. He’s entertainingly all over the field: activity to Cuba and abandonment a adeptness allotment of biking writing, discussing Bernoulli’s assumption and the physics of the action with Ted Williams, answer the dynamics that complex casting into barter apprehension rather than prevailing westerlies, sending up a admirable accolade to his ancestor and his children, or demography the Major League to assignment for its acquisitiveness and glitz. The Red Sox aloof delivered the World Series, but Lee delivers the adorableness of basal baseball: two pleasures the action hardly needed.

It was 1982 when Bill Lee was famously booted from the Montreal Expos after he went AWOL in protest of another player’s mistreatment by management. His reputation for antics both on and off the field guaranteed that no other club would pick him up. The Ace from Space had landed on professional baseball’s blacklist, and so it was that one of the most popular major-league pitchers of our day was fated to pack his bags and wander the globe searching for a ball game. Have Glove, Will Travel is the chronicle of an amazing odyssey that began more than twenty years ago and continues today. Unable to live without baseball, Lee went anywhere he could find a game, beginning in the dank and dreary locker room of a Canadian hockey team that later became a softball team. We follow him around the world as he competes in pickup games, town tournaments, senior leagues, and fantasy camps, barnstorming like a modern Satchel Paige around the United States, South America, China, Cuba, Russia, and every province in Canada.At the heart of this story are the rollicking, colorful characters Lee meets during his travels, and the mishaps that befall him whether he’s sober or stoned. There’s the eccentric Latin pitching master Lee plays with in Cuba, who once struck out Ernest Hemingway. And a hilarious story that takes place in the backwoods of a British Columbia timber town, where Lee and Hall-of-Famer Ferguson Jenkins go fishing and end up being chased back to their pickup truck by a 450-pound black bear.Have Glove, Will Travel is so much more than the average baseball book. Lee’s humor, keen eye for detail, and extraordinary pitching intellect are always on display, but in the end this book is a love story about a middle-aged maverick who refused to stop pursuing his passion for a boy’s game long after the grown-ups told him he couldn’t play on their team anymore. Readers who loved Lee’s bestselling The Wrong Stuff, also written with Richard Lally, will find the long wait for this rich and wonderful sequel well worth it. Those who haven’t yet encountered the literary Bill Lee have a great treat in store.

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