FREEDOM’S POWER ~ The True Force of Liberalism

FREEDOM’S POWER  ~ The True Force of Liberalism

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Book review and technical detail FREEDOM’S POWER ~ The True Force of Liberalism Paul Starr

Technical detail of FREEDOM’S POWER ~ The True Force of Liberalism
FREEDOM’S POWER ~ The True Force of Liberalism
author Paul Starr
ISBN 90921
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Basic Books
Pages 288
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Pulitzer Prize–winner Starr (The Creation of the Media, 2004, etc.) is advanced and appreciative of it.The editor of The American Prospect offers a absolutely upbeat annual of the advanced tradition. It best reflects America’s founding ethics of “life, liberty, and the following of happiness,” argues Starr (Sociology and Public Affairs/Princeton Univ.), and has accurate a applicable base for strong, constant advanced democracies in our time. In its broadest meaning, he writes, capitalism refers to the attempt of built-in government and alone rights that emerged in the 17th- and 18th-century writings of such thinkers as Locke, Montesquieu and Madison. It activated the American and French Revolutions and led to the bearing of the avant-garde advanced state. By acute approximate ability and unleashing freedom’s power, built-in capitalism approved to actualize a free, fair and affluent society. Beginning in the late-19th century, autonomous armament spurred the acceleration of avant-garde liberalism, with its affection for government regulation, stronger aegis of civilian liberties and account for cultural diversity. While criticized from both the appropriate and left, advanced democracies work, Starr avers. They accept accurate flexible, businesslike and successful; they accept asperous depressions and apple wars. In the 1960s, back abounding accounted capitalism a failure, they fostered a abundant moral transformation that rectified injustices, broadcast abandon and capitalism and afflicted America for the better. Analyzing the after-effects of the Bush administration’s bourgeois policies—growing bread-and-butter inequality, ecology deterioration, abiding budgetary problems, the Iraq War—the columnist believes liberals now accept an befalling to body a political majority and advance the nation in a accelerating direction. To do so, they charge advance authoritative strength, accomplish bookish adherence absorption advanced attempt and actualize a affairs based on aggregate prosperity.An abreast and affecting case for capitalism as the American way.

Liberalism in America is under siege. Conservatives now treat it as an epithet and even some progressives spurn it. But according to Paul Starr, liberalism is a sturdy public philosophy, deeply rooted in our traditions, capable of making America and the world more free and secure.“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” remains as good and concise a definition of liberalism’s aims today as it was when Thomas Jefferson borrowed the language of John Locke for the Declaration of Independence. What distinguishes liberalism, however, is not just high aspirations but strikingly effective principles for the creation and control of power. From its origins as constitutional liberalism in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the liberal project has provided the basis of the most prosperous and powerful states in the world. Modern democratic liberalism has carried forward the constitutional liberal tradition by favoring a more inclusive and egalitarian conception of liberty and opportunity. It has responded to threats to freedom and the public good from excessive concentrations of private power, while maintaining a dynamic market economy. And it has shown how government can respond to economic crisis and injustice—yet keep arbitrary power in check—by providing stronger guarantees of civil liberties and equal rights. At a time when conservative policies are weakening America’s long-term fiscal, economic, and international strength as well as its liberties, liberalism is more urgent than ever. Freedom’s Power shows why liberalism works—and how it can work for America again.

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