CONFRONT AND CONCEAL ~ Obama\'s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power

CONFRONT AND CONCEAL  ~ Obama\'s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power

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Book review and technical detail CONFRONT AND CONCEAL ~ Obama\'s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power David E. Sanger

Technical detail of CONFRONT AND CONCEAL ~ Obama\'s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power
CONFRONT AND CONCEAL ~ Obama\'s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power
author David E. Sanger
ISBN 89441
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Crown
Pages 496
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A animating acknowledgment to those who anticipate Barack Obama is a wimp, to say annihilation of anti-American. Readers who anguish about the able banned of controlling power, on the added hand, will accumulate on annoying afterwards annual New York Times correspondent Sanger’s (The Inheritance: The Apple Obama Confronts and the Challenges to American Power, 2009) annual of aloof how extensive President Obama’s chase for America’s enemies has been. That annual begins not with abominable wetwork, admitting there’s affluence of that, but instead with a worm, developed by “a baby aggregation of computer warriors at Fort Meade and their counterparts, bisected a apple away, central a aggressive intelligence bureau that Israel almost acknowledges exists.” The worm’s targets were the computer-controlled centrifuges adorning uranium for Iran’s nuclear program. That array of use of ability arguably befits the champ of a Nobel Peace Prize, but what of the added authorization appropriate to, say, “disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaeda,” as the aggressive mantra has it? As Sanger anxiously relates, that’s a difficult dance: President Obama may profess, for instance, aplomb that Pakistan can keep its nuclear armory out of the easily of militants, but he has to verify added than trust, no accessible amount back relations amid the United States and Pakistan are conceivably at their everyman point in history. The columnist provides affluence of arresting news, from the conduct of abstruse operations aural Afghanistan to the celerity of Osama bin Laden. On the closing matter, he hazards that there was never any catechism but that bin Laden would be dead and his anatomy secretly disposed of. No one in the administering capital a grave that would become a armpit of pilgrimage, nor an amaranthine trial, either. President Obama’s adopted policy, it becomes bright here, is tougher than his mild-mannered, alike abstruse mien ability let on—and decidedly in the case not aloof of accessible enemies such as the Taliban, but additionally of beneath accessible ones such as China’s People’s Liberation Army. A must-read for action wonks and a acceptable album on how American ability works above our borders.

“Stunning revelations…This is an account that long will be consulted by anyone trying to understand not just Iran but warfare in the 21st century…an important book.” –Tom Ricks, New York Times  FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE INHERITANCE, A REVEALING  AND NEWS-BREAKING ACCOUNT OF OBAMA’S AGGRESSIVE USE OF INNOVATIVE WEAPONS AND NEW TOOLS OF AMERICAN POWER TO MANAGE A RAPIDLY SHIFTING WORLD OF GLOBAL THREATS AND CHALLENGESInside the White House Situation Room, the newly elected Barack Obama immerses himself in the details of a remark­able new American capability to launch cyberwar against Iran—and escalates covert operations to delay the day when the mullahs could obtain a nuclear weapon. Over the next three years Obama accelerates drone attacks as an alter­native to putting troops on the ground in Pakistan, and becomes increasingly reliant on the Special Forces, whose hunting of al-Qaeda illuminates the path out of an unwin­nable war in Afghanistan.  Confront and Conceal provides readers with a picture of an administration that came to office with the world on fire. It takes them into the Situation Room debate over how to undermine Iran’s program while simultaneously trying to prevent Israel from taking military action that could plunge the region into another war. It dissects how the bin Laden raid worsened the dysfunctional relationship with Pakistan. And it traces how Obama’s early idealism about fighting “a war of necessity” in Afghanistan quickly turned to fatigue and frustration.  One of the most trusted and acclaimed national security correspondents in the country, David Sanger of the New York Times takes readers deep inside the Obama adminis­tration’s most perilous decisions: The president dispatch­es an emergency search team to the Gulf when the White House briefly fears the Taliban may have obtained the Bomb, but he rejects a plan in late 2011 to send in Special Forces to recover a stealth drone that went down in Iran. Obama overrules his advisers and takes the riskiest path in killing Osama bin Laden, and ignores their advice when he helps oust Hosni Mubarak from the presidency of Egypt.   “The surprise is his aggressiveness,” a key ambassador who works closely with Obama reports.   Yet the president has also pivoted American foreign policy away from the attritional wars of the past decade, attempting to preserve America’s influence with a lighter, defter touch—all while focusing on a new era of diplomacy in Asia and reconfiguring America’s role during a time of economic turmoil and austerity.   As the world seeks to understand whether there is an Obama Doctrine, Confront and Conceal is a fascinating, unflinching account of these complex years, in which the president and his administration have found themselves struggling to stay ahead in a world where power is diffuse and America’s ability to exert control grows ever more elusive.

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