ALL I DID WAS ASK ~ Interviews from Fresh Air with Terry Gross

ALL I DID WAS ASK  ~ Interviews from Fresh Air with Terry Gross

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Book review and technical detail ALL I DID WAS ASK ~ Interviews from Fresh Air with Terry Gross Terry Gross

Technical detail of ALL I DID WAS ASK ~ Interviews from Fresh Air with Terry Gross
ALL I DID WAS ASK ~ Interviews from Fresh Air with Terry Gross
author Terry Gross
ISBN 92716
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Hachette Books
Pages 384
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Captivating accumulation of interviews with bodies in the arts, all aboriginal advertisement on Beginning Air.Gross has been hosting her daily, hour-long NPR account appearance for 30 years, and in that time endless cultural icons accept submitted to her affable but adamant questioning. Here, she collects interviews done back the appearance went civic in 1987. Explaining the focus on artists, writers, actors, and assorted entertainers, the columnist contends that her abounding interviews with abstracts complex in backroom or amusing issues can assume anachronous a few years afterwards they air. The abundantly active Gross begins by absolute a acceptable accord about her own life; absolute admirers should adore the central attending at how her appearance is produced and who the key players are, forth with claimed details. (She answers the lesbian catechism already and for all.) But the absolute contentment is in the interviews themselves, analogously beginning and so activated on the folio that it’s adamantine to brainstorm they were bigger live. The ambit of capacity is vast: Gross connects with Johnny Cash and Grandmaster Flash, Dennis Hopper and Jodie Foster, Mario Puzo and Maurice Sendak, amid abounding others. Almost all of them, while discussing their assignment action or latest project, appear up with some arresting observation, from the appealing to the extraordinary. John Updike’s comments on his Rabbit novels accord acute acumen into activity in bourgeoisie in the 1950s, while columnist Ann Bannon describes how it acquainted to address lesbian fiction during the aforementioned period. George Clinton talks about the roots of his boss alarm empire, and Hal David reveals that he alarming autograph the song for the cine Alfie. For those who adulation a acceptable fight, Gross includes her belled account with Gene Simmons.A 18-carat page-turner: the amoeba will lose sleep.

A fascinating collection of revealing and entertaining interviews by the award-winning host of National Public Radio's premier interview program Fresh Air.Over the last twenty years, Terry Gross has interviewed many of our most celebrated writers, actors, musicians, comics, and visual artists. Her show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, a weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues produced by WHYY in Philadelphia, is one of National Public Radio's most popular programs. More than four million people tune in to the show, which is broadcast on over 400 NPR stations across the country.Gross is known for her thoughtful, probing interviewing style. In her trusted company, even the most reticent guest relaxes and opens up. But Gross doesn't shy away from controversy, and her questions can be tough--too tough, apparently, for Bill O'Reilly, who abruptly terminated his conversation with her. Her interview with Gene Simmons of Kiss, which is included in the book, prompted Entertainment Weekly to name Simmons its male "Crackpot of the Year."For All I Did Was Ask, Gross has selected more than three dozen of her best interviews--ones of lasting relevance that are as lively on the page as they were on the air. Each is preceded by a personal introduction in which she reveals why a particular guest was on the show and the thinking behind some of her questions. And in an introductory chapter, the normally self-effacing Gross does something you're unlikely ever to hear her do on Fresh Air--she discusses her approach to interviewing, revealing a thing or two about herself in the bargain.The collection focuses on luminaries from the art and entertainment world, including actors, comedians, writers, visual artists, and musicians, such as: Conan O'Brien Chris Rock Michael Caine Dennis Hopper Dustin Hoffman Jodie Foster John Updike Mary Karr Mario Puzo Nick Hornby Chuck Close Eric Clapton George Clinton Sonny Rollins Samuel L. Jackson Johnny Cash Isabella Rossellini Divine Uta Hagen Carol Shields

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