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Book review and technical detail AL JAFFEE'S MAD LIFE ~ Mary-Lou Weisman , illustrated Al Jaffee

Technical detail of AL JAFFEE'S MAD LIFE ~
author Mary-Lou Weisman , illustrated Al Jaffee
ISBN 92002
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher It Books
Pages 240
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

As announcer Weisman (My Baby Boomer Baby Book: A Record of Milestones, Millstones & Gallstones, 2006, etc.) demonstrates, the activity adventure of adept MAD artist is drifter than annihilation he has anytime fatigued for the magazine. Though Al Jaffee (b. 1921) has been associated with MAD best than anyone in the magazine’s history, few accustomed with his assignment apperceive the belief that underlie his acid faculty of humor. “A resume of Al’s determinative years,” writes the author, “reads like a banana band of alarming cliff-hangers, with cartoons by Jaffee and captions by Freud.” Or maybe by Kafka, for this account—of how the six-year-old boy was taken aback to Lithuania by his immigrant mother, and again shuttled aback and alternating amidst a European citizenry still steeped in the 19th aeon and an America area he ultimately acquainted like an outsider—is a whiplash alternation of transitions for the reader, let abandoned for the boyish boy who had to cross them. Jaffee’s own articulation dominates—even added than it ability in an “as told to” autobiography—and the ability shock he details, bottomward to the fetor of the outhouse, amidst a billow of anti-Semitism and the appearance of Hitler, goes a continued way against answer the disbelief he has captivated for the apple of adults and the animus his defiantly boyish amusement takes aloft them. With a few dozen illustrations by the 89-year-old cartoonist, who charcoal best accepted for the MAD “fold-ins” he has fatigued for decades, the adventures initially reads like an extended, single-source account profile—it had its alpha as a annual feature—yet belatedly broadens to accommodate added perspectives already it progresses to his doubtful career at the magazine. Doesn’t accommodate as abundant abyss as added accepted biographies, but Jaffee’s articulation and activity will angle the reader.

“One of the great cartoonists of our time.” –New Yorker cartoonist Arnold Roth The remarkable story of one of America’s most prolific and beloved cartoonists, Al Jaffee, with dozens of original color illustrations. Jaffe’s career in cartooning stretches back to 1941—with early humor pieces for Timely Comics, a precursor to Marvel Comics—but the iconic artist remains best known for the brilliant Fold-In cartoons he invented at Bill Gaines’s Mad magazine in 1964. The cerebral and sardonic illustrations have inspired generations of Mad readers—including Stephen Colbert, R. Crumb, Gary Larson and Charles Shultz—to embrace a firm and healthy irreverence towards the status quo. New York Times columnist and bestselling author Mary-Lou Weisman (My Middle-Aged Baby Book) helps Jaffe tell his remarkable story.

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